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 TUTO: 3D mod making.

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PostSubject: TUTO: 3D mod making.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:03 pm

(i take no credit for this tutorial, it comes from damo. of amecha i have barely modified it so that it explains better.)

Before we begin you will need the following:

1. A model- Any 3d model you want to put in the game. How you got it, where you got it, your business.

2. Deep exploration- Really any 3d editing software will do but I don't know how to use anything else. DEMO-

3. Encryption tool for windom- The .x files contained within windom are encrypted and you MUST use this in order to view or edit them. ?yziyjgtyjnj

Select a KD model from the game to use as a template.(KD-05 etc.)
Place a copy of the template model in a separate folder and decode the entire folder.

Open your model and select a part such as an arm or a head.

Separate the meshes(red circle).Be sure that you have selected all of the mesh
elements that make up that part. Once all of the parts are selected use COLLAPSE HIERARCHY to combine them into one. (right click and look under tools)
If this process changes the color of the part( it happens ) use REVERSE FACES AND NORMALS to restore it. Some models have shadows drawn on to them that won't appear correctly in the game. To fix this problem look
under PARTS (black circle)and delete the files called BACK FACES OF OBJECT.

Now copy the part and paste it over the corresponding template part.
They don't always copy well. It might come out huge!! You will have to adjust the size and position of the new part to match
the template. Get familiar with the SCALE and MOVE functions.

Erase the template
part and select "save as" to save the part in a new location.
To view them "in-game" Encode them and place them in the correct KD folder. If the part appears as just an outline you may have to convert each part into a double-sided object.
Near the top center look under TOOLS>3d TOOLS >CONVERT TO DOUBLE-SIDED
Repeat this process until all of the parts of your new model have been converted.
At this stage you should have a visible new model that is colored completely wrong.

Now about the color.... Before we start- lets do a quick review on how to texture (color) an item.

First make sure your mesh select tools are visible [ top left VIEW >CONTROLS AND TOOLBARS> MESH SELECT ]
These controls will allow you to select a surface. Near the bottom of the viewport select the tab labeled MATERIALS.
From here you can drag and drop colored materials on your selected surfaces to "paint" your model.

try this video:

Deep Exploration has issues with detailed texture work. Save often (like between colors) to avoid errors like this...

A root can be any 3d object. In order to avoid errors use a simple low poly object (primitive). The root will store the data for the colors used in your model.
You can view these materials in the MATERIALS tab (left of the viewport). As long as the materials used in the root file
match the ones used in each part of the model-everything will color correctly in-game. Here is a quick way to
do it.
Open a new file. Create a primitive object [CREATE>CREATE PRIMITIVE]. Apply texture. Repeat until all of the textures used in the model are used in the root file.
Be sure to make note of what textures are used . All of the textures used in the model MUST be

in the root file. Save the file as root.x .
Copy the root. Now open a textured part. Paste the copy of the root file.
Scale and hide the root in the textured part out of sight. Make all of the objects in the scene one group, leaving the textured part for last. Collapse Hierarchy. Save.

Here is a video demonstrating how to use the root file to make a textured part show the correct colors "in-game"

thanks for reading, and thanks damo :)
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Kaito Kid

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PostSubject: Re: TUTO: 3D mod making.   Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:43 pm

It was hard to make it...I have Deep Exploration but don't know how to use it,but with your help I can make my own robo!!! Thank's man... 55

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PostSubject: Re: TUTO: 3D mod making.   Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:24 am

The only thing i really want to know was how to put an image to the mech.. like that one in the Nu Gundams shoulder... ?_?

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PostSubject: Re: TUTO: 3D mod making.   

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TUTO: 3D mod making.
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