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 gettin started: here!

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PostSubject: gettin started: here!   Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:28 pm

want to help?show your work or just goof off with 3D?
no probs,
try this, easy, fast, getting started tutorial,
it's easy!
you don't need a giga super strong computer to make 3d!

just follow my steps!and ask question on the board:

#1: if you are new to 3d, you probably want to get an easy
software, logically.This means that, you are looking for
metasequoia ! i know, sounds weird! but its worth a try!!
metasequoia is a powerful japanese modding soft,
the interface isn't too tricky, and once you learn how to handle
it, you can really put your imagination to good use!

some people will choose google sketch up , i respect that,
but i privilege metasequoia for the simple reasons that:
. it's more powerful
. it's japanese
. you set the langage to english!
.It's totally free
. it's japanese,...again!

really, it's my first choice soft!
now, enough talking, let's get the show on;
first download the soft, go to the main page,
and get the latest version!

now you're all set!
if you're wandering if it's important to get the
full version, ill tell you this: NO
definitely no,the full version allows you to export
you're 3d into other format, that's it!

if you really really really want the full version,
PM me, i'll give you the keygen.


now you're probably wandering how to use the damn soft?
here are some tips;

#to start a figure\mecha, click on "primitive" on the "command" panel
now use the "x" "y"and "z" axis to modify you're polygon.

#remember, make as much layers as possible!
one layer for each figure you create! that way you won't
end up erasing the whole project when an error comes out!

#to create a layer, simply go on "panel" (tool bar) and select "object panel"
then click on "new".

to add texture, create an image (paint \ or, any image will do)
then click on "panel" (tool bar), and then select "material panel"
click on "new" , and double click the name of the panel you created,
a window will come out, click on "Ref" and choose the image you
want as a texture. once done simply, go on the "command" panel,
and click on "Mat" then fill the surface you want.
the last step is the editing, (resize, move and rotate)
to do that, go on the "command" panel and click "Map",
and then click on the square above the "UV" word,

oof! that was long, i hope it will help others, remember, we are here
to help just about anyone,if you still need more explanation,
check out those site, they are easy-to-use tutorials!

tank you ^^ and make mods!
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gettin started: here!
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